In Jordan Ayarr Agency we help entrepreneurs build their dreams.

Client looking at he's growth

Jordan Ayarr Agency has a well respected reputation and strong relationships with a wide variety of entertainment industry professionals. We bring our own past experience as performing artists to this business, and we are very dedicated to encouraging and developing our clients. The strength of Jordan Ayarr Agency is the amazing people that we represent.

We believe that each of our hard working clients deserve to have their dreams come true and their efforts rewarded. We offer a very personal environment designed to foster long-term relationships committed to bringing the best opportunities available.

We offer a well rounded staff with a wide background of industry experience including production, commercial, print, theatrical, video, audio, music, social media, and other entertainment areas, which allow us to have unique insights into the industry. Our staff cares about our clients as people first, and this creates a nurturing atmosphere that is both successful and enjoyable.

We commit ourselves to excellence and are always on the lookout for fresh new talent and graduates looking to break into the Industry. All you need to do is email us a recent photo and tell us a little about yourself.

We offer professional advice on careers. You need to be flexible, available and willing to attend castings at short notice.

With over a decade of experience in front & behind the scenes, our aim is to give an exceptional and efficient service to all our clients.